submit your solo performance

The dance competition is now being held virtually. We are asking all entrants to record their performances and upload them via YouTube. 


This is the easiest method, to share your entries with the Eisteddfod and relevant adjudicators. 

1. Make a YouTube account - you can use your Google account if you already have one.

2. Click on the 'create' icon. It is a recording camera shape with a plus sign in the middle. 

3. Select to 'Upload a Video'.

4. Select the file you wish to upload. 

5. Once you select the file, a pop-up on screen will appear whilst it uploads. It asks you for a video title. You MUST enter "CE Dance Solo Entry 00000" please use your unique entry number as the reference. 

6. Where it asks whether the content is made for kids, select No. 

7. Skip the elements tab and click next. 

8. The final stage is Visibility. This is where you must select to post the video as 'unlisted'. You will have a unique URL that links to your video. Once you click 'Save' it will state that your video has been published and provide you with a URL. This is the URL that you need to copy/paste and submit to us via the contact form below.